Student Resources

Resources You Will Need Before, During, and After Research

  1. ✴ Common Abbreviations

You may find the following abbreviations while using Middle Search®Plus.

bw c color photo
no. or NO.
p.35-37 or pp. 35-37      
v.or Vol.

black-and-white photo
issue number
start page is indicated with a p before a number
amount of a page is indicated by a p following a number or fraction
page ranges are indicated by a p. or pp. with a space before numbers

✴ How to Create a Works Cited Page (PDF)
A step-by-step handout explaining how to format a Works Cited page

Note Card (PDF)
An example of a notecard we use when researching a periodical (magazine or journal) in Middle Search® Plus.

Landmarks Citation Machine

✴ Online Citation Machine
Remember that we use the MLA style of citations.

Success Center

✴ Student Success Tools
Includes PDF's for:
A Student Guide to Persuasive Essays and Debates
How to Avoid Plagiarism
How to Cite Information
How to Take Good Notes
How to Write a Bibliography
How to Write a Thesis Statement
Quick Tips for Students When Writing Persuasive Essays
Student Guide to Lexiles
Student Research Center: Accurate Research Simplified
The Differences Between Peer-Reviewed and Popular Magazines